Shannon (copeceticrisis) wrote in boyertown_what,

this one goes out to you

zach- for cheering me up with your chaotic silliness
ken- for the seven you provided me each day *SE7EN*
allie a- for your beauty and insight
tinknell- for your outspoken nature
todd bedo- for being the person i have had a crush on so long now
mr. weldon- for yelling with me in the hallway
andrew n.- for being such an intense ninja- you kicked ass
crazy carl- for all the hugs and letters
bobby- for making me smile in math
jake- for inviting me to prom

and to everyone else--- for filling up the hallways with your senior coolness. i will miss you all so damn much. this year was hard letting you guys go.... you kicked far too much ass. it was RAW. stay young forever.
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